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Player's Name: Cupcake
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: Lydia Martin, Katniss Everdeen, Melinda May

Character: Helena
Series/Canon: Orphan Black
From When? Post Season 2 Finale
Previous Game(s): N/A

History: Helena at the Orphan Black Wiki

Helena is a study of duality on many levels. After her birth mother gave her to the Catholic Church, she was raised by nuns in the Ukraine where she was exposed to a very harsh upbringing filled with penitence and punishment. As a result, Helena is very attached to the iconography of the Catholic faith and sometimes regards herself as an angel; even going so far as to self-mutilate the imagery of angel wings on her back.

Her desperate need for identity and connection was easily taken advantage of by the Proletheans. They were able to further warp her by making her aware of her fellow clones and convincing her that she was the "original" upon which they were based. Helena, upon discovering a truth, tends to cling to it fiercely and with fanaticism. That fanaticism has led her to be readily willing to kill, and the Proletheans took advantage of that in order turn her against her sister clones and assassinate them.

It is when she discovers the truth about her birth that the better aspects of Helena's personality begin to emerge. Discovering that Sara is not just a fellow clone but her womb-sister, and thus making Kira her niece, allows Helena's more protective instincts and intense desire for family to come out.

Helena is intensely tactile and animalistic. She loves to touch everything, put things in her mouth, and is especially fond of sweet things. Despite having killed people and appearing to have a very confused sense of right and wrong, there are certain lines that Helena will not cross, particularly where children are concerned. Harming or bullying a child in Helena's presence will at best get you threatened; loss of a limb is entirely probable. For example, after having been introduced to the various children on the Prolethean farm she eventually winds up in, she witnesses one of the nannies verbally threaten and shake a little girl Helena started to bond with. Helena's response to this is to grab the woman by the throat, recall a similar woman she knew in the convent, and threaten to gut her like a fish.

Her animal nature is tied into everything about the way she views the world. Treat her with kindness and you will receive kindness. Treat her with cruelty, and she will likewise return it. There is an innocence to her, even in her violence, and her worldview tends to be binary. Upon learning that Sara tends to regard their fellow clones as sisters, she too incorporates them into her own idea of family, along with Felix, who is "brother-sestra".

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? Helena willingly accepted Eli's offer as a chance to escape the military and be able to have her children in safety, even if it means being separated from her many sestre. She knows that she needs to cooperate in order to maintain her status as a citizen of New Dodge, and provided her instincts aren't triggered and people don't balk too much at some of the things she might say (let's not talk about burning down the Prolethean farm, okay?) she should be fine.

What will your character do for work? Helena will be working in daycare at the school.

Inventory: What items is your character bringing with them into the game? Helena has the clothes on her back. Inside her pockets she has some sugar packets and a couple of wrapped hard candies as well as a plastic spoon.

Third-Person Sample: Helena at the Test Drive Meme

First-Person Sample:
[The TC is adjusted a bit awkwardly, as if the user is slightly unsure of how to utilize the technology. Then she leans back, her face revealed. This woman is completely identical to another resident of New Dodge, Cosima Niehaus, and quite possibly others who have come before her. The major difference is that this woman's hair is curly and frizzy and clearly has suffered from a bad bleach job, her dark roots showing on her scalp.

She speaks with an Eastern European accent, Russian or maybe Ukranian.]

Hello. I am Helena. I come here to have my babies. Eli told me it safe here.

I am told that everyone must work. This is good. At convent they teach us idle hands do devil's work. [She smiles. Upon realizing she's showing too much teeth, she dims it down some.] So I will be working at school, helping to take care of babies and little children. I am very good with children so this is good thing for me and all of you, too. I am also good with firearms, but prefer to play with children.

That is all I have to say now. Thank you much for hearing me.


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